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PI Omaha Corp is a leading private investigator in the Omaha area. One of our specialties is background checks. Deciding on who you want to hire or be a tenant for you is a tough decision. Background checks are another way for you to get more information about prospective employees or tenants. We offer private investigations in the Omaha and surrounding areas for all sorts of purposes including but not limited to pre-employment background checks, tenant screenings, drug testing for current and prospective employees, self-screening background checks, and applicant testing.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

When you look to hire a new employee, you want to ensure that you have the best person for the job. You can only gather so much information based off a person’s application or their interview. Another way to gather more information is to have a pre-employment background check done. A pre-employment background screening can be very time consuming, time you may not have. The tenured private investigators at PI Omaha Corp can run a pre-employment background check on your prospective employees. You don’t want to hire someone who does not represent your company’s values.

Tenant Screening

Do you ever wonder if a new tenant will pay rent on time, is a safe person, or is the right tenant you? Many landlords ask these questions while screening a tenant. Landlords need to know that the person you decide to let live on your property is going to pay rent on time, is not a risk to you, is not a risk to other tenants, and that the prospective tenant is right for them. PI Omaha Corp is a premier tenant screening company in the Omaha area offering you all the information you may need for effectively screen a tenant. Our private investigators gather information such as national criminal background report, credit report, national eviction report, sex offender report, and more.


Drug Testing

PI Omaha Corp offers drug and alcohol testing for both prospective employees and current employees. Drug testing is an essential way to promote the safety of employees, customers and other individuals that encounter your company. Requiring a drug test for your current employees is an effective way to keep the workplace safe and reduce the risk of liability and a drug screening is important for employers who are looking to hire reputable employees. PI Omaha Corp can screen for substances such as Marijuana, opioids, amphetamines, cocaine, steroid, barbiturates, and PCP. Whether you test pre-hire, random or after an incident

Social Security Number Search

When looking to hire a new employee or screening a new volunteer, valuable information can be obtained from a Social Security Number (SSN) Search. Through a Social Security Number Search you can obtain information on your applicant’s name, past addresses, and movement patterns. (NOTE: information from the Social Security Administration is not used in this report). We also can obtain full and alternate names, dates of different addresses, age and date of birth, and available phone number information.


Criminal Search

PI Omaha Corp’s Criminal Search history brings up an applicant’s county, state, and federal criminal history. We utilize our expert research team to access criminal record right from the county courthouse of the counties that you’re requesting. We use public assess terminals or “hand pulled” criminal searches directly to examine records rather than using aggregate criminal databases. PI Omaha Corp pulls information from state criminal databases for the most precise information. We also pull records of crimes against federal laws such as bank robbery, interstate theft, or kidnapping.

Civil Records Search

PI Omaha Corp also searches through the Civil Records such as wrongful terminations, compensation suits, sexual harassment fraud, and many other civil court cases.


NCIS Multi-Jurisdiction Database Search

An extensive report that includes an instant multi-state search of criminal records. This search accesses over 400 databases and 200 million files containing criminal records from:

  • State repositories and archives (in some states)
  • Department of Corrections (DOC) files (where available)
  • County court houses
  • Sex offender registries
  • Administrative Office of Court records
  • Traffic violations and infractions involving warrants

Self-Screening Background Checks

PI Omaha Corp provides the opportunity for individuals to perform a comprehensive background check on themselves. With us, you can check your criminal record, driving record and address verifications. This self-screening background check will give you a review of what prospective employers may see when they run a background check on you. Be in the know from the get-go with a self-screening background check from PI Omaha Corp.


Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking system (ATS) allows you to go through more resumes in a shorter amount of time. This system ranks applicants based on how well their resume correlates to the job they are applying for. It looks for specific qualifications that you may require to have for the position. ATS can sort through thousands of applications so you don’t need to. In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t have time to make hiring mistakes. Let PI Omaha Corp’s applicant tracking system help you hire the best talent!

Other Background information

  • Sentinel™ Security Report
  • I-Med™
  • Offender Scan™ National Sex Offender Registry
  • Professional License/Certification Verification
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

PI Omaha Corp Investigative Services offers extensive background checks, self-screenings, tenant screenings, drug testing and more. See for yourself why employers are turning to PI Omaha Corp Investigative Services. Call us next time you need a screening done.

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