Self-Screening Background Checks Omaha, NE

Self-screening background checks through PI Omaha Corp allows people to see what prospective employees may see after a background check is run on them. Through PI Omaha Corp you can check a wide variety of different aspects of background checks. Some of these aspects are:

Criminal Record

One aspect of self-screening background checks that PI Omaha Corp brings up your criminal record. Our background checks bring up criminal records from different states and levels of dispute. We deliver information of your criminal record including your possible federal criminal record, state criminal record, county criminal record, and your civil records.

Driving Record

PI Omaha Corp’s background checks also bring up your driving records. This can be a very important part of your background check if you are looking for a job where you drive a lot. Through our driving record search, we can uncover your current license status, license endorsement, license restrictions, traffic violations (including DUIs), or any administrative actions taken against your license.

Address Verification

Our self-screening background checks, you can make sure that your address that comes up is actually the address that you actually live at. This way you can ensure that vital documents from your prospective future employer.

Social Security Verification

If your Social Security information that you give to your employer does not match the information that the Social Security Administration has for you, your employer may have doubts about you.

National Sex Offender Registry

Through our self-screening background checks, we can also see if you are on the National Sex Offender Registry.

Be in the know about what prospective employers will uncover about you through their background checks

PI Omaha Corp offers extensive Self-Screening Background Checks and more. See for yourself why employers are turning to Omaha’s locally, trusted private investigating company. Call us next time you need to screen yourself.

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Background Investigation Reports Will Contain Some Of These Categories Of Interest

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Professional Background Investigations
Online Background checks are not thorough. If something happens you or someone else could get hurt or you may be held liable.