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When looking for new employees, an employer needs to be careful about who they choose for the position. Applicants only let you know what they want you to know, which is why the pre-employment screening is often an important aid in the decision-making process. Pre-employment background screenings through PI Omaha Corp Investigative Services allow you to figure the “other” side of an applicant that he or she may not want you to know about them such as criminal history, credit rating, or work history.

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screenings through PI Omaha Corp Investigative Services can make decision making on new employees easier by discovering information that the applicants may not have wanted exposed. The information can be a make or break decision for that position. For example, if they are applying for a courier position, an applicant who does not have any accidents, moving violations, or DUI convictions would be a much better fit than someone whose background check is riddled with violations. Also, you can make sure that the applicant is not lying on their application. An applicant may falsify information about where they went to school, how long they were in school, former employment or criminal history.

Information in a Pre-Employment Screening

Employment History

The employment history of an applicant can be an influential piece in deciding whether to hire someone. If the applicant’s pre-employment screening shows that he or she has worked a lot of jobs for a short period of time may suggest that he or she does not work well with people or may not have a good work ethic. Whereas an applicant who has had a few, longer tenured jobs may show that he or she works well with others. A pre-employment screening can also let you know the candidate’s history at those companies and why they might have left or been let go. Employment history checks can allow you to keep your turnover rate as low as possible.

Driving Record

A look at an applicant’s driving record can hold more weight in positions where the applicant would drive a vehicle. You would be less likely to hire an employee who has several moving violations, accidents, or DUIs

Criminal Record

A criminal record is a make or break for many employers. Often times institutions have a zero-tolerance policy for criminal acts. Employers often want to avoid troublemakers. History of assault and family violence not only shows the applicant doesn’t handle pressure very easily, but also does not work very well with people.

Omaha’s Trusted Personal Investigator

PI Omaha Corp Investigative Services specializes in pre-employment screenings to build a true picture of the person you are interested in hiring. We have built our name and reputation on providing the “whole picture”, character and history of individuals. Ultimately, we are protecting your bottom line and interest. PI Omaha Corp Investigative Services offers one of the most comprehensive background check services in the industry.

If you need a pre-employment screening, contact PI Omaha Corp Investigative Services today!

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