Drug Testing Omaha, NE

PI Omaha Corp drug testing can help employers make the critical decision about who employers decide to hire, who you keep, or any other critical decision you may need to make. Drug testing can help promote safety and well being for your employees, customers, and other individuals may encounter your business. Requiring drug testing is an effective way to keep your workplace safe and reduce liabilities. Drug testing through PI Omaha Corp is another step to ensure that the employees you hire in the area are reputable people who will bring value to your company.

Why Should You Have Drug Testing Done?

Employees are an extension of the employer, if the employees are acting poorly due to the drugs that they are inhibited by portrays a poor image for the employer. Also, drug and alcohol abuse can create significant health and safety concerns throughout your organization that can cause a decrease in productivity and lower employee morale. Not only can drugs cause a decrease in company morale, but it can also cause additional costs in the forms of health care claims and short-term disability costs that can affect the bottom line.

What Do We Look For?

During PI Omaha Corp’s drug testing, we search for drugs and substances that may pose a threat to you or your business. We screen for drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, opioids, amphetamines, cocaine, steroids, barbiturates, and PCP.

What Kind of Drug Testing Do We Provide?

PI Omaha Corp provides a variety of different drug testing scenarios, such as pre-hire drug testing, random drug screening, or after-incident drug testing. Pre-hire drug testing is the test that is administered to see if the prospective employee is using any illicit drugs or drugs that may cause liability concerns down the road. Random drug testing is a common practice that is administered randomly to your employees to see if they are using drugs that employers do not want their employees using. After-incident drug testing is the testing that is done after an employee has an incident that the employer deems to be worthy of drug testing after the fact.

How Accurate Are the Drug Tests?

PI Omaha Corp only uses the best and most accurate drug tests to ensure that the results that you get, are the best and most accurate results.

If you are looking for a reliable, accurate drug testing company, turn to PI Omaha Corp. Call us today to schedule your next employment drug test!

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